We specialize in tours to Antarctica - and we give a portion of our profits to the planet by donating CAD$150 / £100 to our charity partners for the sale of every tour on this website. In this way we hope to benefit the continent that gives us inspiration. 

We are operated by The Travel Society, Inc., a registered travel agency based in Toronto, Canada - and we only work with carefully chosen tour partners; these companies  all operate their own ships, working within the guidelines for responsible practice set by the International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators (IAATO). 

At Friends of Antarctica, our prices are the same as our partners - you can check their sites to see - because we have special relationships with them and fund our charitable donations  through commission only.

So, if you're contemplating travel to Antarctica, get in touch - we'd love to help. When you book through us, you become a Friend of Antarctica.

Celebrate crossing latitude 66° 33’ South in the wake of hallowed explorers including the first to do so, Captain James Cook. In this frozen area of extraordinary beauty, powerful orcas and leopard seals patrol, while ethereal snow petrels grace the skies against a background of bristling mountains and surreal icebergs.

11 Days - Fly/Sail
February 19, 2015 ● February 20, 2016 ● February 28, 2016

From USD$7,100;
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Punta Arenas ● Puerto Williams ● Drake Passage ● Antarctic Convergence ● King George Island